Air Secure Inc. has Announced that Maintenance Agreements Reduce the Need for Heating & Air Condition Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

Air Secure Inc., which provides heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, and surrounding areas, has announced that maintenance agreements reduce the need for costly repairs. 

Cary, NC – April 2016 – Air Secure Inc., which specializes in HVAC installations and servicing, has announced the reduced need for heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, through their affordable maintenance agreements.  These maintenance agreements can potentially pinpoint problems within current HVAC systems before they become major issues for homeowners. Continue reading

How HVAC Diagnostics & Air Conditioning Repair in Cary, NC, Can Help Reduce Energy Costs this Spring

Even the most diligent homeowners can fall victim to higher than expected energy bills, particularly when their home is outfitted with an outdated or neglected HVAC system. A whole home diagnostic can help locate weak areas of the home and HVAC system that are contributing to the high energy bills. Air Secure Inc., which specializes in air conditioning repair in Cary, NC, is now offering their HVAC diagnostic service for the low price of $88. Continue reading