Air Secure Inc. Announces Heater Repair in Cary, NC, Second Opinion Program

Cary, NC – March 9, 2016—There are five words homeowners dread more than almost any other: “It needs to be replaced”. Major replacements, like a roof or HVAC system are particularly troubling for homeowners. Unexpected expenses and the high cost of replacement can be devastating for a family, but Air Secure Inc. believes they can offer a solution for HVAC systems.

The issue for homeowners is that the call for replacement comes immediately after the heater repair call Cary, NC residents make. Technicians arrive on the site, and they often have little incentive to pursue time consuming diagnostics for issues that generally lead to a replacement anyway. After taking a surface level look at the situation, the technician tells the homeowner that a replacement is the only option.

Air Secure Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of their second opinion program for the heater repair Cary, NC, homeowners need. Homeowners can start the process by receiving an estimate from another company for any heat exchanger or compressor that requires repair or replacement. Where many other companies immediately jump to the most expensive option, Air Secure Inc. will run a diagnostic test to find the root cause of the problem, and find a better solution.

In many cases, a compressor can be saved with a new run capacitor or a hard start, while simply replacing a heat exchanger without finding the cause of the metal fatigue will only lead to more problems in the future. Both instances of heater repair Cary, NC, homeowners need are cheaper alternatives in the long run than jumping into a repair or replacement.

Air Secure Inc. provides a second opinion on any major HVAC work. The estimate from Air Secure Inc. is free, and could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars.

About Air Secure Inc.

For more than 11 years, Air Secure Inc. has been a fixture in North Carolina’s HVAC marketplace. Their commitment to quality service and affordable prices make them the first choice for many Cary residents.

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