The Importance of Maintenance and AC Repair in Cary, NC

We’re heading swiftly into summer, and no matter whether you’re here in Cary, NC, or just about anywhere else, it’s predicted to be a scorcher – one of the hottest years on record.  Your AC is going to be under maximum stress, and that’s why it’s important to get an AC tune-up or AC repair in Cary, NC, before summer arrives.

There are a lot of AC problems which are simply too complicated -or dangerous- for most everyday homeowners to handle themselves, which is when they’d need to call in Air Secure Inc., an experienced Cary, NC, AC repair service. Air Secure offers free estimates, and offer a variety of AC services and other maintenance options.

However, there are a few areas of AC maintenance which can be safely done after you have contacted the professionals at Air Secure.

Three Tips Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Running in Top Condition

  1. Clean\replace your air filter.

There’s probably no more common reason for AC problems than a dirty or clogged air filter.  They should be cleaned or replaced at least every six months, and potentially more often if there are a lot of particles in the air.  Otherwise, the AC may not function at top capacity, or may end up spreading allergens around your home.

Luckily, the air filters are designed to be owner-replaceable, and new filters can be purchased at most hardware stores.

  1. Clean the exterior of the outdoor compressor.

Another extremely common cause of problems is that the compressor unit has gotten clogged with debris, which obstruct its airflow and reduce the ability of the AC unit to keep creating cool air.  It’s a good idea to survey your compressor every month or two, and make sure it hasn’t gotten covered in leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris.

  1. Check the insulation on the coolant pipes.

The pipes running between the outdoor compressor and the interior of the house are insulated for a reason.  In the event the insulation has come loose, or has bare patches, it’s going to significantly reduce the cooling power of your AC system.  Replacement insulation is easily purchased from hardware stores.

Contact Air Secure Inc.

AC units are tricky to work on and utilize high-voltage systems which can be downright dangerous. Plus, poor AC maintenance can increase the risk of breakdowns or even fires. Always contact the professionals at Air Secure Inc. They are available 24/7, and have years of experience and knowledge.

Contact Air Secure’s qualified Cary, NC, AC repair service to guarantee top-quality air conditioning options.