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Quality AC Repair In Apex, NC

Our main office is right beside Cary Parkway and Old Apex Road. We are local to Apex and can be in Apex in no time, and service heaters and furnaces in Apex. We have served the entire triangle for several years.

Fun fact: Apex NC gets is name from being the highest point on the railroad between Richmond, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

Air Secure provides service for residential and commercial customers in Apex, NC with furnace repair, heating and air conditioning repair, service and new installations. We are a local, family owned and operated business that focuses on residential, new construction and commercial. We specialize in professional repair and service of existing HVAC systems. We service all major brands of furnaces and heating systems promptly. We offer competitive pricing and provide detailed estimates of all work to be done before we begin the repairs.

Heating & Air Conditioning Services and Products Offered by Air Secure

Heating & Air Conditioner Repair – Free Estimates. We service all makes and models. 
Maintenance Agreements
 – Peace of mind and saves you money.
Service & Repairs – We work with all Brands & Manufacturers.
System Replacements – Need a more efficient system? Call us today for a FREE Estimate!
Duct Cleaning – Should be performed every 5 to 7 years, includes sanitizing.
Dehumidifiers – It’s not the heat it’s the humidity, treats the whole house.
Electronic Air Cleaners – Removes up to 85% of particulates .03 microns.
Programmable Thermostats – Save up to 30% on utilities.
Whole House Diagnostics – Makes air visible, solves comfort & efficiency problems.

Air Secure Inc. Announces Special Incentives for Customers Who Review Them on Google+

Air Secure Inc., who provide expert AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC, has announced that they are offering special incentives for customers who review them on Google+.

Chapel Hill, NC – July, 2016 – Air Secure Inc., is now offering their customers a special incentive for reviewing them on the popular social media site, Google+. Customers who received heating or AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC, from Air Secure Inc. are encouraged to leave a review to become eligible for this limited time offer, which may include discounts on valuable services

For over 11 years, Air Secure Inc. has worked hard to establish their reputation as experts in the heating and cooling industry and would now like to reward their loyal customers by offering special prices and discounts to those who share their experiences with the online community. This promotion is not limited to just those who had AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC, by the local HVAC specialists. Other eligible services may include:

  • Heating System Service and Repairs
  • General System Maintenance
  • New System Instillation or Replacement
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Installation or Maintenance of Dehumidifiers, Electronic Air Cleaners, and/or Programmable Thermostats

Providing the highest level of customer service is something the experts at Air Secure Inc. take very seriously. Using the feedback from the reviews, Air Secure Inc. will be better able to service their customers.

For a complete list of eligible services or to learn more about the current promotion, please contact Air Secure Inc. directly.Customers who would like to take advantage of this limited time offer, may leave their review on Air Secure Inc.’s page at: https://plus.google.com/+AirSecureIncCary

About Air Secure Inc.

Air Secure Inc. is locally owned and operated and has proudly been a part of the Triangle Area community for more than 11 years. The friendly staff at Air Secure Inc. strive to ensure each customer is 100 percent satisfied with their service, and all their work is backed by a warranty. 

For more information, please visit www.AirSecureInc.net or call (919) 535-8442.

Beyond AC Repair in Cary, NC: How Air Secure Inc. is Taking Customer Service to a Whole New Level

Here at Air Secure Inc., we know that our customers are our most valuable assets, and we strive to ensure each customer is 100 percent satisfied every time. Providing high quality, professional AC repair in Cary, NC, is only one way we serve our customers. Here are a few other ways we are taking customer service to a whole new level.

Customer Appreciation

Our customer’s keep us in business, and to show how much we appreciate them, we are currently offering special pricing and discounts to customers who rate and review us on our Google+ page. These reviews allow us to better serve our customers and the community and get real time feedback from the ones who matter the most. Simply tell us how your heating or cooling service went to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Emergency Services

If our 55 years of combined experience has taught us anything, it is that emergencies rarely happen during standard business hours. In fact, heating and cooling systems seem to almost always malfunction during their peak usages, late at night, and on weekends. Because of this, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency service to our customers in the Cary, NC, and the surrounding areas. 

Reducing Costs with Free Estimates

The cost of heating and ac repair in Cary, NC can quickly add up, particularly if the system is outdated or has been neglected. To help reduce these costs and lower the financial burden on homeowners, we always provide free estimates for your services. We also offer valuable maintenance agreements and plans to help reduce the need for complete system replacement, saving you even more.

A Warranty Comes Standard on All Services

We stand behind our work and our commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our customers have peace of mind, knowing that we are both licensed and insured. Our experts strive hard to ensure every customer is 100 percent satisfied with their service, every time. And while some HVAC companies provide optional warranties for additional fees, at Air Secure Inc. warranties come standard on all our products and services

For more information regarding our heating and cooling services, or to learn more about our current customer appreciation promotion on Google+, please contact the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at Air Secure Inc. today! For over 11 years we have proudly serviced our customers in the Cary, NC, and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Maintenance and AC Repair in Cary, NC

We’re heading swiftly into summer, and no matter whether you’re here in Cary, NC, or just about anywhere else, it’s predicted to be a scorcher – one of the hottest years on record.  Your AC is going to be under maximum stress, and that’s why it’s important to get an AC tune-up or AC repair in Cary, NC, before summer arrives.

There are a lot of AC problems which are simply too complicated -or dangerous- for most everyday homeowners to handle themselves, which is when they’d need to call in Air Secure Inc., an experienced Cary, NC, AC repair service. Air Secure offers free estimates, and offer a variety of AC services and other maintenance options.

However, there are a few areas of AC maintenance which can be safely done after you have contacted the professionals at Air Secure.

Three Tips Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Running in Top Condition

  1. Clean\replace your air filter.

There’s probably no more common reason for AC problems than a dirty or clogged air filter.  They should be cleaned or replaced at least every six months, and potentially more often if there are a lot of particles in the air.  Otherwise, the AC may not function at top capacity, or may end up spreading allergens around your home.

Luckily, the air filters are designed to be owner-replaceable, and new filters can be purchased at most hardware stores.

  1. Clean the exterior of the outdoor compressor.

Another extremely common cause of problems is that the compressor unit has gotten clogged with debris, which obstruct its airflow and reduce the ability of the AC unit to keep creating cool air.  It’s a good idea to survey your compressor every month or two, and make sure it hasn’t gotten covered in leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris.

  1. Check the insulation on the coolant pipes.

The pipes running between the outdoor compressor and the interior of the house are insulated for a reason.  In the event the insulation has come loose, or has bare patches, it’s going to significantly reduce the cooling power of your AC system.  Replacement insulation is easily purchased from hardware stores.

Contact Air Secure Inc.

AC units are tricky to work on and utilize high-voltage systems which can be downright dangerous. Plus, poor AC maintenance can increase the risk of breakdowns or even fires. Always contact the professionals at Air Secure Inc. They are available 24/7, and have years of experience and knowledge.

Contact Air Secure’s qualified Cary, NC, AC repair service to guarantee top-quality air conditioning options.

Air Secure Inc. Announces Safe and Reliable AC Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

June 16, 2016 – Chapel Hill, NC – A home’s AC system is one of the most critical -and sensitive- systems in a house, which is why Air Secure Inc. is here to ensure all residents have access to top-quality AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC.

There are many dangers associated with poorly-maintained air conditioning.  Beyond the immediate problems of not having a functional AC unit in what is expected to be one of the hottest summers on record, a broken AC system can cause many additional issues: Continue reading

Air Secure Inc. Announces 24/7 AC Repair Services in Chapel Hill, NC

May 25, 2016 – Chapel Hill, NC – Air Secure Inc.has announced 24/7 expert services and AC repair, to ensure the heat doesn’t beat residents of Chapel Hill, NC.

Many homeowners tend to take their air conditioning systems for granted until something goes wrong. With 2016 possibly threatening record-breakingtemperatures, homeowners should be looking to ensure their AC systems are ready for heavy-duty usage throughout the rest of spring, summer, and even into the fall. Continue reading

Air Secure Inc. has Announced that Maintenance Agreements Reduce the Need for Heating & Air Condition Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

Air Secure Inc., which provides heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, and surrounding areas, has announced that maintenance agreements reduce the need for costly repairs. 

Cary, NC – April 2016 – Air Secure Inc., which specializes in HVAC installations and servicing, has announced the reduced need for heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, through their affordable maintenance agreements.  These maintenance agreements can potentially pinpoint problems within current HVAC systems before they become major issues for homeowners. Continue reading

How HVAC Diagnostics & Air Conditioning Repair in Cary, NC, Can Help Reduce Energy Costs this Spring

Even the most diligent homeowners can fall victim to higher than expected energy bills, particularly when their home is outfitted with an outdated or neglected HVAC system. A whole home diagnostic can help locate weak areas of the home and HVAC system that are contributing to the high energy bills. Air Secure Inc., which specializes in air conditioning repair in Cary, NC, is now offering their HVAC diagnostic service for the low price of $88. Continue reading