Air Secure Inc. has Announced that Maintenance Agreements Reduce the Need for Heating & Air Condition Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

Air Secure Inc., which provides heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, and surrounding areas, has announced that maintenance agreements reduce the need for costly repairs. 

Cary, NC – April 2016 – Air Secure Inc., which specializes in HVAC installations and servicing, has announced the reduced need for heating & air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, through their affordable maintenance agreements.  These maintenance agreements can potentially pinpoint problems within current HVAC systems before they become major issues for homeowners.

Air Secure Inc.’s maintenance agreements are now even more affordable with a low monthly rate for each system covered. The agreements include:

  • Annual heating system inspection
  • Annual cooling system inspection
  • Discounts of up to 15% on any necessary parts

According to Air Secure Inc., maintenance agreements offer homeowners peace of mind while saving them money; with each bi-annual visit, commonly scheduled for early fall and early spring, highly trained professionals inspect the heating and/or cooling system throughout the home during the down seasons. These inspections can reveal potential problems within the HVAC system that, if ignored, could cause one or more components to malfunction and result in costly repairs and peak season downtime.

In the event problems are detected, the maintenance agreements through Air Secure Inc. include a discount on parts needed to correct the problem promptly. Addressing issues as soon as possible is important to prevent minor issues from becoming major and expensive repairs.

About Air Secure Inc.

Air Secure Inc. provides specialized and cost effective heating and cooling solutions. Air Secures Inc. provides highly trained installers and service technicians that are some of the best in the Raleigh-Durham area.

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