Air Secure Inc. Announces Safe and Reliable AC Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

June 16, 2016 – Chapel Hill, NC – A home’s AC system is one of the most critical -and sensitive- systems in a house, which is why Air Secure Inc. is here to ensure all residents have access to top-quality AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC.

There are many dangers associated with poorly-maintained air conditioning.  Beyond the immediate problems of not having a functional AC unit in what is expected to be one of the hottest summers on record, a broken AC system can cause many additional issues:

  • Health problems:  Everyone in a home is at risk if the system is failing to properly filter out dust, pollen, fungus spores, and other dangerous particulate matter.  Legionnaire’s Disease is an especially large risk.
  • Home Fires:  AC systems utilize high-voltage power systems and are one of the biggest consumers of electricity in a home.  A poorly maintained system, with too much material trapped inside, can easily spark deadly electrical fires.
  • Loss of Property Value:  When an AC system breaks down, it can cause significant damage to the area where the main system is located, as well as anywhere connected via ducts.

Amateurs should not attempt to repair their own AC systems – it’s dangerous to them and their home.  They can instead call Air Secure Inc., who offer 24/7 services to ensure proper air conditioning at any time.  Top quality repair services guarantee a great AC experience throughout this hot summer.

About Air Secure Inc.

With more than eleven years servicing Chapel Hill, NC, along with the greater Triangle Area across Raleigh-Durham, Air Secure has quickly built a reputation as one of the top independent AC service companies around.  They hire only the best service technicians, with experience working on a wide range of system brands and types.  100% satisfaction with every job performed is their goal, and their long list of regular clients demonstrates it.

For more information about AC repair in Chapel Hill, NC, visit or contact (919) 535-8442.